1. Edamame beans  (Japan)

2. Salmon tataki with avocado and honey orange Japanese miso.  (Japan)

3. Season change tuna with ponzu dressing and sorbet  (Thai – Japan)

4. Crispy soft shell crab with mango and mild yellow coco curry  (Malaysia)

5. Mixed seaweed salad and seasonal salad with soyawasabiponzu dressing. (Japan)

6. Fresh papaya salad with spicy sweet & sour sauce: Veggie  //  Prawns  (Thai)

7. Thai beef salad with a spicy lemon dressing  (Thai)

8. Mikado beef on a bed of asparagus with pickle and homemade teriyaki           (Vietnamese – Japan)


1. Beef filet with a teriyaki sauce and lemon jelly  (Thai – Japanese)

2. Donald duck with an Asian sexy tamarind sauce and slowly cook pear in plum wine  (Chinese – Thai)

3. Corn fed chicken with roasted rocket potatoes and homemade Chinese chestnut sauce. (Chinese-Thai)

4. Fresh fish of the day with spicy homemade Japanese miso sauce.  (French – Japanese)

5. Silken tofu with ginger sauce and seasonal vegetables. (Chinese – Thai)

6. Prawns on fire with our spicy Thai-Japanese sauce. (Japanese – Thai)


1. Goi-Guen, fresh spring rolls:  Tofu  //  Beef   //  Prawns  (Vietnamese)

2. Hokkaido sashimi. (Japanese)

3. Sate with peanut sauce. (Indonesian)

4. Mika crispy duck Chinese Style.  (Chinese)

5. Pad Thai noodles.  Chicken  //  Prawns (Thai)

6. Bun Bo Xao : beef and Lemongrass noodle salad  (Vietnamese)


Let us cook for you!  The whole table will be surprised with a complete menu:

Land or Sea / Mild or Spicy

3 courses // 4 courses


1. Coconut rice

2. Egg fried rice

3. Coriander rice

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